ANM Concrete Construction is a trusted union concrete contractor specializing in all site concrete and asphalt needs. ANM concrete company is a respected company in both the private and public work sectors.


Quality Concrete Construction For Over 20 Years

Since 2001 ANM Concrete Construction has been serving Southern California with the highest quality concrete construction services. Based in Santa Clarita, California, our team prides itself on integrity, professionalism, competitive prices, and top-notch service on every project.

Peace of Mind

Our team knows concrete, and we stand behind our work, always putting our clients first while maintaining excellence in every project. We built our company to make sure we finish on time using the latest technology and method to ensure PEACE OF MIND which helps us build lasting relationships with every customer.

Competitive Pricing

We make sure to understand the full scope of your concrete project so there are no financial surprises along the way. We are your competitive and trustworthy concrete and asphalt contracting partner for all your site work needs throughout Southern California.

ANM History

ANM began work in 2001 in Santa Clarita, CA. Specializing in residential construction we provided a personal relationship with clients. Soon after being approached by respectful commercial contractors we decided to move forward into this sector. After 10 years of private commercial contracting, we then took the next step by moving into the union public work sector.

Public Works

ANM Concrete Construction, Inc. is a registered DIR and SBE contractor providing site concrete and asphalt for any public works project. We have worked on schools, parks, bike paths along the LA River and much more. We look forward to building community infrastructure for everyone to enjoy.


We are honored to serve your commercial concrete needs with our years of experience as commercial concrete contractors; whether it’s a shopping center or a mixed-use building or your private business. We would love demonstrate the pride we put into every project. Contact us for any commercial concrete need.


If you are planning an addition to your home, a patio, driveway or even a new pool deck, we would love a chance to make your dreams a reality. ANM Concrete Construction, Inc. can handle all your residential concrete needs. Contact us today for a free estimate.



  • Concrete Paving
  • Concrete Structures
  • Retaining Walls

  • ADA Ramps and Paths of Travel

  • Masonry and Veneers

  • Sidewalks and Walkways

  • Demolition

  • A/C Paving and Striping

  • Caissons and PIles

  • Asphalt Patching

  • Pavers

  • Foundations

ANM Concrete Construction can handle literally any project, small or large. We take pride in our work and will be happy to discuss any need you have.


A Reliable Reputation

When you hire large concrete companies, it can be challenging to get a good sense of their reputation. ANM Concrete Construction prides themselves by forging a personal relationship with every client.

ANM is based in Santa Clarita, and we serve only southern California. Keeping our project local to SoCal for 20 years shows that the relationships we have built are lasting ones.

Local Knowledge

Sticking exclusively to Southern California also lets us focus and master all our building codes. Rather than trying to figure out multiple jurisdictions we know our territories code inside and out, which results in a faster moving, more efficiently run project.

We also have a very good relationship with all our vendors as we have worked in the same area for so long. Contact us for your next project and we promise a smooth, on-time delivery.

We Are Here For You

Contact us today for a free consultation and proposal for any size Concrete Construction job you may have. We specialize in Public Works, Commercial and Residential Concrete Construction.